Sunday, May 13, 2012

A little more progress

 Here I have added the rosettes to the legs and started the veneer and banding on the base.
The field is Amboyna burl with Mahogany cross banding with a 1/16 ebonized line separating them.

This is a view of the upper display case  The column will be fluted. To the left of the column is a flip down display that will be lined with fabric and set up to display buttons. there is one on the opposite also.
To the right is a drawer that will have beveled glass. You can see the butlers slide above it.
The back will have a series of hidden drawers that pivot out. The top will be covered by an elongated hexagon of beveled glass with Mahogany glazing bars.
As you can see still a lot of work to go!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This is my current project. It is a display case for Presidential memorabilia for a private client.After getting a feel for what the project parameters was, I drew a full scale drawing for approval.With this particular client the project usually evolves as it proceeds In this case we change the upper drawer display area from the original concept. More on that later.

The base being routed for sliding dovetails
One of the legs after shaping and fitting the caster Rosettes to come

Close up of hairy paw caster
Thanks Londonderry Brasses You Rock!
A little dry assembly to check the progress.

Just Starting

This is the first post on my blog that I hope to create to show my business of producing antique reproductions some custom display cases and some special projects I get to be involved with from time to time.