Monday, March 9, 2015

My next few posts will be about Mark and Fran Berg's new home.
I met them a few years ago when they where building their Colorado home. I'll have to see if I can find a pic of the Huge French entry doors we did. Along with a couple of other cool pieces made with doors.
For this home, I built couple of pieces and a large built-in cabinet.
 My assistant Gustavo took care of their restoration work. He really worked over their dining table.

We started off with this pair of arm chairs made to match their side chairs for the dining table. 

                                                                         The Pair.

The upholstered version.

                                                                    More to come.

This was a fun project that was a three way collaboration with Brad Oldham, Whitesmith, and myself.
My part was the wood backplates.

Here is the basic shape with the top mounting holes drilled.

The back was relieved for a metal pan to channel the electric. I made a template for a pattern bit to set the edge then drilled the waste away with a forstner bit.

Here is all ten lined up.

                                                                     The finished project.

A couple shots of the hall.

That leads to this room.