Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well it's been awhile since I've posted. Had a little vacation time in upstate N.Y.
Now we're back in the Texas heat.
I had just started veneering before my vacation so here are a few pictures of the finished product.
The eagle inlay is from Dover Design. I have work on various marquetry pieces over the years, mostly replacing missing and damaged designs on antiques. I enjoy the challenge but the guys at Dover can't be beat.

This is the butlers slide. I took a nice oval fan and veneered it to a piece of 1/8" mahogany
Routed out a little cove with a core box bit and created a great place to hide the key.
This shows the butlers slide pulled out with the octagon glazing bars in place.
I have some beveled glass to go in place after the finish is done.
that brings up the process I came to in order to keep it light in proportion and strong enough to be lifted off to allow the presentation to be changed.

This is the detail of the upper and lower glazing bars. The upper has a rabbit for the top glass. with the dado to accept the side glass.
This shows the corner glazing bars with the tenon that houses in the glazing dado. the top and corner bars are glued together with that assembly screwed to the lower glazing bars that have been splined together as a unit. I just couldn't see another way to do it and keep it all looking clean.

Glue up with 1/4" MDF as glass to keep it all lined up.