Saturday, February 9, 2013

This is another project I made about a year ago for the same client that I did the previous post. We wanted to do something in the Federal style. Steve's request was Curly Maple drawer fronts and the upper was to be glazed to show off some great pottery.
The carcase was solid Mahogany. I chose White Pine as the secondary wood.
I used two different pieces for inspiration. For the base and cornice I chose the secretary on page 177 in Albert Sack's The New Fine Points Of Furniture. The upper is from a second Piece on page 175. I think they blended well to create a unique and functional piece of furniture.

 Here's a shot of the drawer details. Dovetails, Curly Maple field with a Mahogany cross band and an   Ebony line separating the two.

 This picture shows the start of the doors for the upper cabinet. The doors where constructed of solid Mahogany then veneered with crotch Mahogany on the exterior and plain sliced to balance on the inside. Although the ached glazing bars where a challenge to do, I love the look.

Here is a detailed shot showing the joinery at the glazing bar intersection. Hard to see but horizontal bars half lap and that through mortices the vertical bar

                                    Here it is with the base complete, upper mostly complete.

                            This is a detail of the Eagle inlay I purchased from Dover Design. Sorry I don't have a close up of just the cornice. It was fun to do and was topped off by three wonderful reproduction brasses finials from Londonderry Brasses. They supplied all of the hardware for the piece and it really finishes a reproduction off right. Thanks Nancy for all your help!

                                                           Before the finish is started.

                                                            Delivered to it's new home.

     I have been working on a set of 12 Louis XVI Dining chairs that I will be posting about soon.