Monday, June 4, 2012


 This is what Emily at Emily Owens Design Group sketched for me as her idea for this display case.
It will showcase a client's presidential memorabilia.
You can see it showing a drawer in the front along with a butlers slide for use when changing the display.
The drawer will be setup with rows of angled supports for various objects. It will be lined with Pacific Cloth I think.
Each side has a fold down tray with display area.
The back will hinge out to reveal  a set of 6 drawers for storage.
The pedestal will have storage in it also.
At this point we haven't decided on a leg.
The area on the top was going to be drawers with sloped tops. that has been changed to be an elongated octagon done in beveled glass with Mahogany mullions.

 This is a picture of my full scale drawing.
It shows a leg choice, basic pedestal shape, and the design for the top.
 Detail of the upper part showing the Quartered columns and the hinged sides
The Quarter columns later changed to full fluted columns with Brass capitols and bases.
This shows the base details and the leg choice. we went with the Regency style leg on the right.
The basic design of the base has an Amboyna Burl field with a Mahogany cross band separated by a 1/16 ebony line.
This detail carried on to the shaft and upper display.

Will have more progress soon I've been veneering my butt off!!