Saturday, October 4, 2014

 I have been working on a great project for a really cool client. Derek Vanlandingham was part of the team that originally decorated the home when it was built. It was fun to be back there doing this with him and Steve.

The challenge was to make a showcase to display a growing guitar collection on the walls of the pub.
We used the original base profile as a base to give it a built in look. A real simple molding at the top so we didn't take  away from the rooms carved chair rail. The hardest part was the 11/2 " stiles on the doors so that they lined up with the 3" stile of the walls paneling. The way the room was laid out we had 4 cases that held 3 guitars and one long case that held 7 guitars. For you guitar nuts, they where a mix of Fender and Gibson with a few Gretsch thrown in too !

                                                                            The Pub

The existing panels that became the backs of the showcases

                                The quatrefoil will have a small plaque describing each guitar.

We did a freestanding case to show off a pair of acoustics that needed a case of their own.

This is a case in the adjacent hall that houses some more modern guitars.

Thanks Guys that was fun!