Saturday, October 3, 2015

After the directories we started working on some items for the new complex at Old Parkland.
Off of the parking garage of Commonwealth Hall is a lobby to the elevators, with the theme of World War 2. There are several display cases with different ships, submarines and other memorabilia.
This particular model is 111" inches long 16 1/2 wide and 28 tall. The first time I saw it was in the shipping crate in a warehouse. With know way to really take accurate measurements we had it delivered to the shop.
Below are the first pictures with it in the crate.

Here it is on the bench, paper underneath to get a full size drawing going. 

Yes! the props work as do the rudders and navigation lights.

A little damage to repair and a good cleaning was next so off it went to the model repair guy. 


Here is the cabinet before stain.

 Corner detail at the base.

                                                                      Top corner detail.

 Here it is set up in it's new home. I really want to thank the guys with Unified Delivery they did a great job with a real tricky install. I know lifting the glass top up and over the boat was a real thrill!!  Nice job on the glass by Jim at Malloy Art Glass

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