Monday, November 16, 2015

 Next up we went Modern. This project was for the new Park Place Mercedes Benz in South Arlington.
This is a project a long time in the making. I started the bid in, I believe February. Received the P.O in  early March. Then it was put on hold for a decorator change. Finally in September we started on it for a late October install. Lot's of coffee tables some end tables and cafe' tables and one massive granite conference table.
 This first one is 2' x 8' x 18" tall. With 3/4" Star fire Glass. The brushed alumni box at the end flips out for USB and power.

We did three of these 2 x 5 x18"


This one is 4'x7'x18" Star fire glass again.

In this area we did the three End tables and four Cafe' tables.

        Closer shot of the end tables. They have 3/4" back painted glass it makes them look illuminated.

                                                          The 2 x 5's in another setting.

     Oh yeah! Their where 4 of these with absolute Black Granite for tops.

 Last but not least a 17' 10" x 69" Triple pedestal conference table out of Blue Pearl Granite. Yes it  went upstairs and thats three pieces. put together flawlessly.

Thanks to Wood Gallery for the Quartered Maple panels.
Whitesmith and Paul Vaden for the metalwork.
Stonexpressions for the Granite, and Glasshaus for the Glass.

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